Authority NAR Cleansing


Civica’s Authority Enterprise system is based on a single Name and Address Register (NAR). The NAR keeps a record of people and entities that have some interaction with the council.

The NAR is also able to interact with certain third party applications such as electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS). The system assumes that the council maintains the Authority NAR on a regular basis and uses appropriate business processes when adding a new record.

It is, however, very common for business processes to be ignored resulting in the NAR containing inaccurate or duplicate records of the same person or entity. These records will have slight differences caused by minor formatting or spelling inconsistencies.

Significant issues with the NAR can also occur following data migration.

If you are not confident with your NAR or related business processes, Pacesetter Services can review the register and how it is being used. We will then recommend strategies that may include a data cleansing and purging process. Pacesetter can also assist with on-going maintenance of the register.

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