Authority Menu and User Permissions


In many cases Authority Administrators are required to deal with legacy position roles and its convoluted interaction with the Authority Menu. Pacesetter Services can review your existing structures and introduce a new model that simplifies the structure and makes it easier to maintain Authority user records.

Pacesetter has developed a process that will create a new Hierarchy structure combined with a user role structure which optimises the use of the Authority Web Platform.

We can load a default Authority Hierarchy. You will have the choice to convert to the default user security role configuration or develop a customised model with the assistance and advice of our experienced team. We can also provide you with an updated version of the Authority Menu.

This makeover process will significantly improve the efficiency of the Authority Administration process.


The benefits of this service include:

  • Confidence that users are accessing appropriate areas of the Authority Enterprise system.
  • Authority users have access to the most up-to-date modules in your version of Authority.
  • Easier maintenance of existing and new Authority users.
  • The council will be positioned to choose whether to implement new Authority functionality.

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