Corporate Strategic Planning


Pacesetter has an in-depth knowledge of performance measurement and management practices in local government. We have broad exposure to different business systems and have aided many councils identify and implement business solutions that allows them to monitor their performance and make significant business decisions. 

Our services include:

  • Reviewing your council plans to ensure alignment between your business activities and your Council strategic Objectives.
  • Ensuring all council plans are integrated and are enforcing Local Government best practice.
  • Define and develop Performance Indicators to translate your council’s key objectives into measurable outcomes.
  • Review and enhance your existing key performance indicators/measures to ensure they accurately measure your strategic outcomes.
  • Develop reporting methodology (QBL, BSC or design a customised scorecard).
  • Develop reporting groups (Business Excellence, Best Values or 1design a customised grouping).
  • Identify and Implement an appropriate Corporate Performance Management System that supports your Council’s planning and reporting requirements.
  • Tender Specification Design and Evaluation

We have high level expertise in many of the leading strategic planning and performance management solutions.

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