Authority Financials


Pacesetter has in-depth experience with GL Restructures, WO Budgeting, Financial Statements, and all other sub-modules of the Authority Finance system.

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Authority Asset Management


Pacesetter has extensive expertise in the Authority Asset Management system including asset register, asset accounting, works management and reporting.

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Authority Rates Module


Let Pacesetter review your Rates structure to ensure you are collecting the right amount of rates income. Are your levies and charges configured correctly? 

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Crystal Reports Package


Would you like to obtain more accurate and better information out of Authority? Check out our package of "out of the box" Crystal Reports.

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Authority Improvement Plan


Do you want expert guidance on getting the most out of Authority? Let Pacesetter work with you to develop a System Improvement Plan.

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Data Extraction and Migration


Changing systems or need to migrate data from a legacy system? Pacesetter can provide data extraction and cleansing services.

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Authority Debt Recovery


Pacesetter can help you maximise the revenue from outstanding levies and other charges. We can ensure that effective debt recovery processes are in place.

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Authority NAR Cleansing


Are your processes for managing the Authority Name and Address Register (NAR) being accurately applied? Let Pacesetter review your NAR and relevant business processes.

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Authority Menu and User Roles


Do you know which staff have access to which modules? Let Pacesetter review the Authority Menu and user permissions to ensure your system is secure.

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Authority Payroll and HR


Pacesetter can ensure you have configured the Payroll and HR modules effectively. We can also provide data cleansing and training.

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Authority Module Review


Want to have a "deep dive" into a particular module? Let us review the configuration and business processes for the module.

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Let Pacesetter make sure your EDRMS is supporting your business processes. We can provide implementation and training.

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Corporate Strategic Planning


Pacesetter can provide assistance in planning and implementing Strategic Planning and Performance Management best practice within your Council.

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Project Management


Pacesetter can provide you with an experienced, qualified and independent project manager for your implementation projects.

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Locum IT Roles


Pacesetter can provide short term roles in your IT department. This may come about because of staff absence, staff going on holidays, etc.

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