About Pacesetter Services

 Pacesetter was established in 2016 to assist councils and other local authorities make the most effective use of their software systems. We are experts in Civica's Authority Enterprise system and we know how to optimally configure the system as well as how to obtain useful information from it.

Pacesetter can assist you in a no-nonsense and independent manner. We want you to get on with the business of running your council - not running your software. 

The Pacesetter Team

 Pacesetter is comprised of people who have worked in councils as well as worked for software vendors. We have a unique view of how software can enable you to be successful. We are "doers" - not sales people.

What motivates us? At Pacesetter, we want to help you create efficiencies and make the most effective use of your business critical systems. Unlike some software vendors, if we say we are going to do something, we will. 

Why "Pacesetter"?

There are two primary meanings for "pacesetter".

1. A person, group or organisation that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated.

2. In some middle- and long-distance running events such as the IAAF Diamond League, pacesetters are used to keep the runners at a particular speed or "pace".

Pacesetter wants YOU to be progressive and successful. We can work with you for part of your journey or for the whole distance.